Build applications faster without sacrificing the user experience.

Built on the backs of our product development & custom software development practice and decades of supporting clients of all scales making the hard decisions of who to partner with, where to start, and how to improve time to value.

The Alpha Benefits

An overview of the Alpha Platform

You can’t solve today’s challenges by focusing on single layer (experience, cloud, core) nor on a single software vendor – so we’ve built an ecosystem solution that has the hard parts of integration, data standards, and core configuration already developed to enable product development solutions.

Product Building Blocks

  • Authentication – User management and Authentication.

  • Communication & Notifications – Ability to send and recieve notifications through Push, Email or Text.

  • Headless Data – storage of JSON objects retrievable by key or partition and JSON objects retrievable by key, partition or coordinates.

  • Location Services – GeoCoding and Turn-by-Turn directions.

  • QR Code Generation & Storage – Generate and Store QR codes.

  • Integrations – WordPress, Bunny CDN …